Lords of Xen'Drik

Greetings Adventurer

A missive received by several people with great renown


Your great skill and expertise have recently come to my attention, as has news of a powerful and dangerous artifact in the heart of Xen’Drik. I would like your help in retrieving the artifact, for I fear if it falls into the hands of those that seek to dominate the world they would have no opposition in doing so.
I do not know for certain what the artifact does, or even its specific location, but nevertheless you are to search for it. Head to Stormreach, on the coast of Xen’Drik south of the Khorvaire mainland and I will send an agent to meet you there.
I will be providing you with a number of magic items to assist you in your journey. Please, hurry. The temporal river in Xen’Drik does not flow at the same pace across all of the continent. There are those that would seek to use this, even manipulate it, for their own ends in acquiring the artifact first."

This is the missive all of you receive. No matter your race, no matter your class, no matter your initial location, this is the telepathic message you receive, with no way to reply. You all need to come up with a list of the following magic items to give me. This is what the agent will already have waiting for you, and all of you will be visited independantly, even if your characters know each other at the start and are together, you will only be visited once seperated from the group.

a single 1st level wand with 50 charges.
5 3rd level potions, 10 2nd level potions and 15 1st level potions
1 minor permanent wonderous items of any value
5 disposable minor wonderous items of any value
1 ring of value 19,500 or less
1 scroll of 4th level, 2 of 3rd level, 4 of 2nd level and 8 of 1st level
1 handy bandolier (it is, functionally, like a handy haversack, except it is of bandolier design)


ShannonRaisaLouden ShannonRaisaLouden

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