Lords of Xen'Drik

Aerenal Scout Report of Xen'drik - 1

Arriving in Stormreach

Day x
Leaving Shae Thoridor, I boarded a great wooden ship bound for Sharn, for a change over to Stormreach. It is product of the sacrifice of so many innocent trees slaughtered before their time. I am glad they could not feel the pain of the genocide; I hope no dryads or treants were harmed.

So far the sea has been hospitable, but we are still close to Aerenal. The captain had informed us that we follow Aerenal’s coast for a day, cross the Thunder Sea and follow Khorvaire’s south coast for a few days. I hope to learn more in Sharn, nobody speaks of Xen’drik back home, let alone sails for Stormreach.

Day y
Sharn is beyond words to describe! Layer upon layer of floating stone towers impossibly suspended in the air! There’s hardly any time to write as we approach, I’m packed and ready for the immediate change over since we are running late. Crossing something named the Thundering Sea; of course there will be a storm!

Day z
Speaking with the captain and the crew, I have learned many rumors about the continent of Xen’drik. The flow of time is not normal outside Stormreach. I also hope to bump into one or many of the giants our people speak of and destroy them for their crimes. They are the ones that should be enslaved; brutes working for the more intelligent.

Stormreach is immediately reminiscent of Sharn with some strange overgrown spires looming over the city, disconnected in the sky. I believe this is an effect of the strange flow of time. Ancient ruins of future Stormreach? Or a forgotten ruin of the distant past, flung into our time?

Better not to use the port-side inns, I have settled in what looks like a decent place, 4 blocks north from pier 4. Time to head downstairs and meet with the locals. Itsnak can stay up here to avoid scaring the locals. Would think that they would be used to strange sights here.

[The next entry is an illegible scrawl that looks more like jagged lines. they don’t even run parallel, but curve and drop off the bottom of the page.]


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