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Eberron was a setting published by Wizards of the Coast for the Dungeons and Dragons d20 3.5 system. I am porting it to pathfinder for use.

Traditionally, Eberron is very Indiana Jones and Pulp Fiction. They are just 2 of the many movies that inspired Keith Baker. However, my campaign is going to take a radically different spin. There will be espionage, horrific monsters and much more. It will be hard, it will be challenging, and you can encounter things that could tear you to shreds without the slightest difficulty.

The medieval world of Eberron is a place of magic and monsters, where arcane energy infuses the landscape and greatly influences society and industry. Thanks to a mastery of the arcane arts, the great cities of the continent of Khorvaire contain skyscraping castles, elemental-powered coaches and carriages, and all manner of enchanted conveniences. Magic is industry across the face of Eberron, the innovative spark that propels society forward.
Xen’Drik, however, is an unexplored continent with constantly shifting temporal and spacial coordinates on the mainland. This is where the main focus of the campaign will be.

The Campaign

The campaign will feature the players starting in Stormreach, the only known still-active settlement on the coast of Xen’Drik. They will be tasked with following rumors of a powerful artifact in the heart of Xen’Drik, where they will need to contend with aberrations, undead, giants, dragons, drow and all manner of nightmares.
Players will have the opportunity to found their own settlement, and expand it, but will have to contend with evershifting temporal waters and spacial co-ordinates, and how that will impact their life.

Players should familiarise themselves with the Eberron campaign setting, as well as the information here. I want players to have a good backstory for their characters, but you do not need to use standard races. In the Eberron folder located here is a pdf called pathfinder bestiary levels. This is what will be used for monstrous races. Let me know what monstrous race you want to play, and I will let you know if they are open for PCs. The Kalashtar and Warforged from the pathfinder conversion site, however, are non existent. The Dreamscared Press’ Noral and Forgeborn replace them. Flavour will remain the same, mostly, though.

House Rules and Game Systems

I am not using psionic/magic transparency. For non psionicist/non mages, there is no real difference for you. For psionicists/mages however, there is a vast difference. For instance, only dispel psionics can dispel psionics, and only dispel magic can dispel magic.

The game will be gestalt. With only 3 players, the sandbox nature of the game, the allowance of monstrous races and the overall challenge of the game, I feel it is best for my players.

I will be using hex combat along with facing for a more tactical combat.

I will be using the following 2 alternate systems as well
wounds and vigor
armour as damage reduction

When it comes to kingdom building, I will be using all of the ultimate rulership rules, except for build times – unless Conrad wants to track development of cities. This also means that kingdom building scores will have ranks in a specific skill contribute to the role, rather than attributes.

Knowledge skills no longer have a set list. You can take knowledge (wahtever). For general skills (those listed in core) DCs will be higher. For specialised knowledge skills (knowledge: spells, for example) DCs will be lower for the task at hand, so it would be extremely easy for someone with the example knowledge skill to analyse an ongoing spell.

Character Creation

Players will create their characters with the following stats: 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8. These may be arranged however you like. Additionally, players create their characters as 5th level adventurers, using anything on the and websites. However, you need to seek approval for 3rd party classes. Some of them do not fit the setting, like godling, and others are horribly incomplete, like the warlock. If there is anything from a 3.5 book you want, run it by me. If it is a core class or prestige class, find a pathfinder conversion and you are probably golden.
Players MUST have a backstory, but they do not need to be from Khorvaire. They could be born and raised in Xen’Drik, which gives them a lot of freedom in possibility for backstory.

Prestige Classes

Unless you explicitly need a prestige class such as assassin, shadow dancer, lore master, etc, there are no prestige classes available.





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